The Island of the Colorblind is currently available for purchase.
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An interactive installation featuring De Wilde's work will be on view at The Phi Centre in Montreal from July 18 to December 16.
Find more information about the exhibit here.


21.11.17-21.01.17 'Snow White', Verkadefabriek, Den Bosch, The Netherlands.
19.11.17-17.12.17 TIOTC, 44 Gallery, Bruggefoto, Brugge, Belgium.
ONGOING 24.10.17-29.10.17 TIOTC, EYE, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
22.10.17-26.11.17 TIOTC, Noorderlicht, Groningen, The Netherlands.

08.10.17 -19.11.17 'Snow White', in dialogue with Evelyne Van Poppel, CC Hasselt, Belgium.

18.07.17-16.12.17 TIOTC, 'Lucid Realities', Phi Center, Montreal, Canada.

28.06.17-15.11.17 'Vive Labeur' with Stephan Vanfleteren, Poperinge, Belgium.